Palm Centro Assessment


Developed for the CEO of the house or the youthful govt, the Centro features an solely new type factor at an solely new cost position. Billed as $ 99.99, the new Palm Centro arrives in less than $ 100 as you&#39ll see marketed in different promoting channels. This cost is dependent upon signing a 2-year settlement and a supporting $ 25 knowledge program. Compared with Verizon and AT & T, Sprint&#39s details pricing is continue to reliably inexpensive in contrast to the competitiveness.

Pocketable Centro

The Centro may perhaps not be as slender as other smartphones these kinds of as the Moto Q, but it is most absolutely scaled-down. The Centro is flat out pocketable and it&#39s very best friend could be the front pocket of your favorite jeans. It also feels gentle and this can be partly attributed to the smaller battery and plastic shell casing. Carryovers from the Treo smartphone include the ringer switch at the top of the mobile phone permitting you to conveniently switch the ringer to vibrate method and vice versa. The buttons on the entrance of the Centro have the common Electric power / Stop get in touch with and remedy connect with buttons. Neslted in the middle of the product are buttons for cell phone, calendar, E mail / Messaging and Residence (Applications). The 5-way navigator is a departure from previous models. The rim that makes it possible for for 4-way assortment appears to be far too slender, but I experienced no issue navigating as it&#39s essentially raised from the heart button.

The superior

QWERTY keyboard, Palm OS simple to use, compact, touchscreen.

The undesirable

No 3.5mm headphone socket, no Wi-Fi, no 3G, no Bluetooth 2., no Java and no flash for the 1.3 megapixel digital camera


The Palm Centro is not a hip smartphone for the “youth” sector as promised.


Source by Rajeshk Kumar