OSI Model (OSI Reference Model) : The 7 Layers Explained

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The “OSI Model” also known as “OSI Reference Model” is discussed here in 2 parts: a) Understanding OSI Reference Model b) OSI Model layers

a) Understanding OSI Model (00:22): http://youtu.be/p7UR7Nipqcs?t=22s
The OSI reference model is one such communication model. OSI stands for “Open Systems Interconnection” which means that every system participating in this model is open for communication with other systems. This model was first defined by an organization called as ISO. The OSI model divides the communication into 7 layers.

b) OSI Model layers (2:15) : http://youtu.be/p7UR7Nipqcs?t=2m15s
Quick Look of the 7 layers of the OSI reference Model:
7) Application Layer is where the users interact
with applications to provide data
6) Presentation Layer is concerned with the format
of data exchanged between the end systems
5) Session Layer allows users on different
machines to create sessions between them
4) Transport Layer is concerned with end to end
communication of messages
3) Network Layer is concerned with routing of
packets to correct destination
2) Data Link Layer is concerned with transmission
of error free data in the form of Frames
1) Physical Layer is concerned about transmission
of raw bits over the communication link

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