Ocean pollution reimagined in pics by Paulo de Oliveira


Hundreds of hundreds of marine animals — fish, reptiles, birds and mammals — die every single calendar year just after ingesting or being entangled in garbage carried by ocean currents.

Portuguese artist Paulo de Oliveira’s stunning composite illustrations or photos of animals currently being strangled by discarded nets and gorging on plastic garbage provide as a stark warning of the injury triggered by human waste.

In his series,  a infant seal lion swims with a fishing web all around its neck, a turtle munches on a coffee cup, a whale shark consumes plastic baggage and a fish eats the remnants of a plastic lid whilst swimming through a sea of garbage.

De Oliveira, a 64-year-old former marketing govt turned experienced diver and photographer, claimed: “I designed these composite visuals to illustrate the amount of plastic rubbish polluting our oceans. I desired to make folks understand the enormity of this environmental attack and how it impacts the entire marine food items chain. It is a concept that demands potent photos that 1 typically cannot seize immediately in character with the needed high-quality.

“Nothing that can be observed in these photographs is unrealistic fantasies, nevertheless. All this transpires just about every day in some sections of the oceans. It has currently been witnessed by me and by numerous people but, apart from for honorable exceptions, it has not been right portrayed in character with force that I have tried out to current in these compositions. In basic, men and women reply perfectly to photographs even when they know they have not been captured straight in character. As I labored in advertising and marketing, I see this procedure as just another device that will allow me to categorical my creativity.” (Caters News)

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Ocean pollution reimagined in pics by Paulo de Oliveira