Nickelback Rockstar Spoof – JamesAtWar Popstar Spoof – Pornstar

A few comments regarding this video:
1. There is no porn or R-rated content in this video. It’s G-rated with possibly PG-rated lyrics. There is no reason to rate it adults-only as any adult humor will go over the heads of those too young to appreciate it.
2. I like Nickelback- this is in honor of their 2010 tour. I like JamesAtWar too. This is social satire- enjoy!
3. I have no idea if Nickelback has seen this- I’ll keep you informed.
4. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything- all comments are moderated.
5. I know some of the greenscreen/splitscreen isn’t perfect- the lyrics were written over a year ago, and I just wanted to get this sucker done! Watch it in HD to more easily spot the errors- yes, I am everyone in the bedroom (and all of the puppets).
6. You can replace a puppet in the next version of the video- send an email to for instructions.
7. Thanks to everyone involved in this project- you’re all credited at the end of the video. To the 20 people who confirmed they’d be in the video and then didn’t show up- thus the puppets- you know who you are, and so do I.
8. The lyrics can be downloaded from
9. The gold car is a 1981 Corvette with a widebody kit that belonged to my father.
10. Happy viewing!