Next Level Q’s: 20 Really Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text


Are you texting a guy and aren’t sure what to say? Want to take it to the next level? It’s time to learn these flirty questions to ask a guy over text.

I have twenty flirty questions to ask a guy over text. These questions will help you understand him more while also building the sexual tension. If that’s what you want, then keep reading.

The 20 must-know flirty questions to ask a guy over text

When you like a guy, your mind is all over the place. You spend most of your time daydreaming and having panic attacks about him, and less time actually getting to know him. You’re worried he doesn’t like you or you’re too boring for him. Listen, don’t worry! There’s really nothing to freak out about.

If he likes you, that’s the last thing on his mind. So, why are you spending your time on those thoughts? Instead, get to know him. You can do this by texting him these flirty questions.

You’re probably not hanging out with him 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know him. Texting has its cons, but it’s also a great communication tool. Plus, some people feel more comfortable being honest and open over text than in person.

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Over text, you have time to think about your answer, rather than being put on the spot. Sending some flirty questions can be a great way of getting to know him, while also seeing if you are compatible. Plus, if he flirts back, it’s fun.

It’s time to start flirting with these 20 flirty questions to ask a guy over text!

#1 Do you have a girlfriend? Not only will this question save you a lot of time from guessing their relationship status, but it’ll also lay your feelings on the table. The only reason why you want to know this is because you like them. By asking this question, they’ll know exactly where you stand and what you want. [Read: 15 subtle signs that reveal if your crush likes you back too]

#2 Are you free on…? Girl, all you need to do is add the date and time. This is a forward way of asking a guy out, and good for you if you do it! We’re in the 21st century; it’s time to take control over your love life!

#3 Where do you like to be kissed? Okay, of course, the mouth is one place, but is there somewhere else? Maybe he loves being kissed on the neck or having his earlobes kissed. Wherever it is, you need to know the spot.

#4 Do you like me? It’s forward, but you need to know. There’s no point waiting around for him to confess his feelings or string you along. If you’ve been flirting with him and you’re ready to take the next step, ask him if he likes you. [Read: How to ask someone if they like you without embarrassing yourself]

#5 Have you ever had a fantasy about me? If he says yes, ask him what it was. That’s a pretty big piece of information you have in your hands. And maybe if he’s lucky, you’ll fulfill his fantasy.

#6 Are you a dog lover or a cat lover? You may think it’s a silly question, but it’s not. Cat and dog people are pretty different. Maybe they hate cats, but you love them. What are you going to do?

#7 What’s your favorite position? Maybe he’s a fan of the classic missionary, or maybe he likes it a little naughtier. It’s a good question to see what he’s sexually into and if you are compatible. Plus, now you know his favorite position.

#8 Are you a cuddler? If you’re someone who likes cuddling, you need a partner who’s into it as well. You can’t be cuddling yourself; it doesn’t work that way. This question is cute, but it also lets you know if you’re compatible with him. [Read: Why these health benefits will make you want to cuddle more]

#9 What turns you on about me? There’s something about you that he wants to have, and you need to figure out what it is. Maybe your smile turns him on or the way you laugh. Either way, now you know what features to emphasize around him.

#10 Describe yourself in three words. Be honest! If you want to have a better idea of who he is, ask him to describe himself. It’s not an easy question to answer if you’re doing it honestly. 

#11 What do you wear to bed? This question will bring up some naughty feelings inside the two of you and may even lead to sexting. Asking him what he wears to bed is a clear, “I want to see what you wear to bed” text. So, be prepared for a naughty reply. [Read: 20 sexy questions to ask a guy and seduce him instantly]

#12 Do you work out? Okay, it’s a little cheesy, but you need to look beyond that. With this question, you’re saying, “I checked you out, I think you look fine as hell, and I want you to know it.” Whatever the reply, whether it’s a yes or no, you can automatically compliment them on their body.

#13 What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in bed? Who knows, maybe your man is a little wilder than you thought. Either way, it’s a flirty question that always gets a story started. [Read: 15 sexual questions to ask a guy to learn more about him in bed]

#14 If we went on a date, where would you take me? Let’s see how romantic this guy really is. Ask him where he would take you out on a date. Is it somewhere special? Would he go out of his way for you?

#15 What was the first thing you noticed about me? I love this question because I love seeing the emotions in their eyes when they answer it. If he’s really into you, you’ll see his eyes shine as he talks about what he fell for. [Read: How to flirt with a guy over text – Everything you need to know]

#16 Did you know when I think of you it makes me smile? This question will always make anyone blush. It’s a flirty question, but it’s extremely sweet and innocent. And if he’s someone who does make you smile, well, he’s worth keeping around.

#17 What are you looking for in a partner? Well, you do like him, right? Then this is an important question to ask yourself. What is he looking for in a partner? Listen to his answer carefully because you’ll want to know if you have what he’s looking for.

#18 What does love mean to you? This is a heavy question, so don’t use this right away. Ideally, you’d use this during a deep conversation when you feel comfortable enough talking about this. But it’s an excellent way to see how they see love and will point you in the right direction.

#19 What’s your biggest turn-off? There’s something that makes him cringe; everyone has a turn-off. For me, it’s bad feet. When I see them, it drives me nuts and completely turns me off. What’s his biggest turn-off? It’s a good way to see what you should avoid. [Read: The things you do that probably annoy your boyfriend]

#20 What’s your favorite part of sex? Everyone has a favorite part of sex. Maybe it’s the makeout session or the part right before you have sex. See what part of sex he’s interested in the most, and of course, get his mind focused on a little fun in the sheets.

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Now you have these 20 really flirty questions to ask a guy over text. Now, my question for you is what are you still doing here? Go and use them!

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Next Level Q’s: 20 Really Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text