New ‘scaly’ snails species group following hanging discoveries f…


Six new species of special land snails whose shells are lined with what search like scales have been described from the biodiversity hotspot of Malaysian Borneo by scientists Mohd Zacaery Khalik, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kasper Hendriks, College of Groningen, Jaap Vermeulen, JK Artwork & Science, and Prof Menno Schilthuizen, Naturalis Biodiversity Heart. Their paper is released in the open up entry journal ZooKeys.

Thanks to their conspicuous constructions, the mollusks have been included to a brand new species group of land snails to be normally recognized as the ‘scaly’ snails, so that they can be set aside from the rest in the genus Georissa. Why it is that only some of the species in the genus sport the exceptional ‘scales’, remains unknown.

Fascinated with the moment ‘scaly’ snail fauna of Borneo, the researchers carried out fieldwork concerning 2015 and 2017 to uncover out how these curious shells progressed. In addition, they also examined material deposited in museum and personal snail collections.

Aside from DNA facts, which is currently frequently used in species identification, the group turned to yet-to-turn into-popular present day instruments these kinds of as 3D modelling, executed by way of X-ray scanning. By performing so, the researchers managed to seem at equally the internal and outer surfaces of the shells of the little specimens from each individual angle and situation, and study them in good detail.

The researchers be aware that to determine the ‘scaly’ snails to species level, one particular wants a combination of the two DNA and morphological knowledge:

“Goal species delimitation primarily based solely on molecular knowledge will not be successful for the ‘scaly’ snails in Georissa, at minimum if one needs for the taxonomy to mirror morphology as very well.”

The 6 new species are all named after the localities they have been initially gathered from, in purchase to develop consciousness for species and habitat conservation.

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New ‘scaly’ snails species group adhering to placing discoveries f…