My grandma turned 101 today! : aww


How about the simple fact that this gals obviously appears below 80 yrs outdated. The truth that the only logo you see in this total photo is McDonalds (nothing on her shirt, jacket, glasses, folks in the background). Even if this lady was the acclaimed age, she however would not be ingesting mcdoanlds simply because mcdonalds is garbage food stuff. This is an Advertisement that is attempting to endorse longevity while ingesting their foodstuff.

Beside the reality this is obviously an advertisement, who decides to write-up the photo of her consuming McDonalds ON HER 101TH BIRTHDAY?!. Not a picture of her blowing out candles, not a picture with her children, not a photo with her grandchildren, not a image with even anyone? If my grandma turned 101 I would absolutely sure as shit be in that photo I am likely to submit to RedditTM.


My grandma turned 101 currently! : aww