My brother just had a tumor eradicated from his salivary gland. This…


I had the identical point transpire to me. In my circumstance I experienced been unwell for about a 7 days. I woke up a person early morning and there was a significant lump protruding from my neck suitable beneath my ear lobe. I believed at very first it was a swollen lymph from becoming unwell, even with the abnormal placement, so I figured I experienced much better go to my medical professional. He sends me to an ENT medical professional. It was a lot of assessments and appointments and by the time they instructed me what it was I experienced googled the hell out of every thing and now understood what it was: a tumor in the parotid (salivary) gland and it was all developing all over my facial nerve.

In my case it seriously did display up overnight. It was kinda squishy and business.

I obtained the surgeon to acquire shots throughout surgical treatment of my encounter peeled again which was amazing. They make a lower from the leading of your ear, along down the front and behind the tragus, down about the earlobe and down my neck into a crease that was organic in my neck. They had a plastic surgeon acquire extra fat from my belly and place it in my facial area.

I am even now pretty numb in the entire space, part of my face and ear. It’s pretty much like I arrived again from the dentist about 45 minutes in the past and the sensation is just starting up to come back soon after the novocain, besides it under no circumstances does. I am previous a 12 months mark due to the fact surgery, so pretty guaranteed the emotion I obtained again is about all I will get back. The good thing is I experienced no other nerve destruction that would have induced my deal with to be droopy on a single side or even dropping some flavor.


My brother just experienced a tumor removed from his salivary gland. This…