Mt. Hood Tragedy Recalls “Close to Dying” for Dr. Bernie Dahl on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire


As the Mt. Hood tragedy of a few dropped climbers performed out in Oregon and in the media, I discovered myself at the time once more forced to revisit my have Mt. Washington close to-death knowledge.

I was pretty lucky when Mike Pelcher, the rescue group leader, created the pronunciation to his beleaguered group, “There is a gentleman dying up there.

It genuinely was a darkish and stormy night time, potentially the darkest and stormiest night time of my lifetime, for I came inside 5 minutes of demise. . . my loss of life. . . simply because my rescuers ended up about to give up! As a health practitioner and a pathologist for far more than 30 a long time, I experienced produced a near expert romance with death and dying. . . but not with my dying. . . definitely not with my individual death.

Rescued from his around-dying working experience, I – now a motivational speaker and seminar leader – went on to share my “Lessons for Residing from a Mt. Washington Misadventure.” In my inspiring talks about self-discovery, he warns: Be prepared to die! Have a strategy to dwell! Do it now!

In New Hampshire, Mt. Washington is recognized for its intense, unforgiving temperature, and the media in New England, prompted by the Mt. Hood tale, have contacted me about his mountain rescue.

Their phone calls have entrusted my interest in finishing my ebook, a hybrid reserve on the mountain story, the admonitions and the philosophical element, &#39Journey Into The Self.&#39 I have presented my tale at keynotes and workshops additional than 50 periods. From the scripts, I have crafted a draft of a e-book, tentatively entitled just &#39Misadventure.&#39 ”

My tale of staying lost on the mountain, the thriving use of my mobile telephone and my remarkable rescue was the subject of a consequent reenactment which was filmed by The Discovery Channel Network for its Storm Drive sequence on The Finding out Channel.

Listed here is the commencing of Chapter 1 – A Uncomplicated Hike. . . a Lethal Quest:

Devoid of a minute&#39s hesitation, I transform onto the new path. Now I am ascending into the screaming wind in the direction of the summit. This is not the target of the new program: the aim is to obtain the Auto Street and get down off the mountain, as rapidly as feasible.

Snow stains my encounter with its fury. Rime ice, fashioned from frozen fog or clouds by the blistering wind, handles my apparel, experience, and eyeglasses. I observe that the cairns, the piles of rocks that mark the trail, are now wider and higher and are enclosed closer and closer collectively, an ominous sign that this area have to practical experience genuinely harsh winter season weather. I get every stage slowly and diligently, for this trail is now substantially rougher it would seem to be composed of massive rocks included with an expanding and different depth of snow and ice.

My coronary heart is beating quickly, extra out of dread than exertion, for my ascent is extremely gradual, really deliberate. In spite of the roaring wind, I can hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears. Whilst I know I am close to the Auto Road, I also know I am in significant difficulties. I feverishly look for for the 2nd indicator, the just one that must immediate me on to the Automobile Road. Exactly where is it? Is it coated with rime ice? Has it been taken by some hiker as a souvenir?

I must keep on mountaineering even even though I am continue to ascending into the wind. Worse but, it is now late afternoon. Soon, the evening will envelop the mountain and me. My wide-open planet is now closing in. A effective blast of wind and snow suddenly strikes me … then yet again, like the icy breath of an angry mountain god. I am now in true white-out ailments. Where is the following cairn? I desperately continue – five paces, then ten. No cairn. I retrace my steps to the past cairn. I come across it. If only I experienced a climbing partner, we could choose turns obtaining the upcoming cairn, which are generally inside 15 to 20 ft of each individual other. Collectively, we could leapfrog our way to the Auto Street and residence. I start this course of action once more … and once again … I can not find that up coming cairn.

I am solo. I am caught. I prevent.


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