MRW I manufactured round 2 of the gif tournament, but don’t forget the theme …


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This subreddit is for unique large-quality gifs and linked help requests. Demonstrate off your new gifs, and see what other redditors have been doing the job on.

But hey! None of that Tumblr company all around here.

Examine out the background of Gif Battles!

  1. All gifs ought to be superior-high quality gifs. That is the identify of the subreddit, so our arms are tied. We hope you have an understanding of. Remember to overview our conditions in this article: /r/HighQualityGifs/wiki/submission_criteria

  2. Remember to only write-up gifs that you designed you. Attempting to go off somebody else’s written content as your possess with no crediting the source may perhaps end result in write-up removing and/or ban The only exception to this rule is /u/ifindkarma. He can post what ever he needs and is higher than the regulation.

  3. All criticism in the comments section ought to be constructive. Complaints about gif quality or meta gifs will be taken out, and you may perhaps be banned as a consequence. Our buyers spend a good deal of time producing these gifs. Be great to them. You can find place for gifs of all sorts listed here.

  4. Remember to do not make much more than two posts inside of a 24-hour time period. Place various gifs into an album. If you article also usually, you may well get a short-term ban.

  5. Direct links are needed, meaning that the URL should end in “.gif, .gifv, .webm, .mp4” etcetera. For gfycat webm inbound links, use the structure, do not consist of .webm

  6. You should tag NSFW posts when suitable. No nudity, no gifs from porn video clips, and no actual-daily life gore.

  7. Personal assaults, racism, bigotry, homophobia, witch hunts, etcetera will not be tolerated.

  • Requests for gif-making aid/suggestions are inspired. Blank frames? Odd frame charge? We can aid.

  • Cross posts are encouraged. Created a new gif for /r/reactiongifs? /r/gifs? /r/mylittlepony? Post it below! (probably skip the pony gifs).

  • This is not a super major sub. We are all making an attempt to have pleasurable right here. If you want to arrive to this place just to be a dick you will be banned. The submitters in this article are going out of their way to make information for the world for free, bear in mind that. If you act like a dick you will be banned.

Occur communicate to the gif creators on Discord! Chit chat, get to know us, and even talk to us for gif information if you’re acquiring started out!

For very good gif-earning tutorials, see the sidebars of these subreddits:

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Like r/BigMurph26, but just too many waterfalls?

For any other issues, come to feel free to article a ask for for help.


MRW I manufactured spherical 2 of the gif match, but don’t forget the topic …