Monica Foster at Home – Help stop the Illegal Los Angeles Escorting and Prostitution rings

Monica Foster asks for the American public’s support in stopping and imprisoning those who operate the illegal DC escort and prostitution rings attached to the Los Angeles porn industry.

Monica Foster explains how much of the Los Angeles porn industry is in actuality funded not by adult content sales, but rather by the illegal pimping (prostituton) of porn talent to the public both within America and Internationally.

Monica Foster relates how certain individuals who allegedly assisted with the pornwikileaks venture (such as Michael Fattorosi) may continue to be accepted by the Los Angeles porn industry due to their ties to illegal prostitution and DC escort rings and operations (one of which Fattorosi’s significan other pornstar Vanessa Blue may be involved with).

Monica Foster refers her viewers to a new online tracking system which will point to possible illegal DC escort rings and the pornstars of which they book clients (Johns) with – which she hopes will become a resource for law enforcement ( .

Monica Foster feels it’s every American’s duty to protect our society and citizens from illegal and criminal activity. To support illegal prostitution and escorting in America is to essentially be a terrorist in Monica Foster’s view.

Monica Foster has realized that many of the choices she’s made in the past were not good ones, and with the help of God, Jesus Christ and other good souls on Earth, she hopes to stop others from making similar (if not worse) choices to her own.