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A new analyze from Lund University in Sweden shows that compact birds migrating from Scandinavia to Africa in the autumn once in a while fly as large as 4,000 metres above sea level — almost certainly altering their flight to just take gain of favourable winds and diverse wind levels.

This is the first time that scientists have tracked how significant tiny birds fly all the way from Sweden to Africa. Preceding research have properly logged the flight peak of bigger migratory birds.

“We only followed two folks and two species. But the reality that both of those of them flew so substantial does surprise me. It really is interesting and it raises new concerns about the physiology of birds. How do they cope with the air pressure, slim air and reduced temperatures at these heights?,” says Sissel Sjöberg, biologist at Lund University and the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen.

The intention of the review was to look into no matter whether the measuring strategy by itself functions on little birds, that is, to measure acceleration, barometric tension (air tension) and temperature in the course of the flight applying a small information logger connected to the fowl.

The details logger was attached to two people today of distinctive species: the terrific reed warbler and the crimson-backed shrike. Between other matters, the benefits display how prolonged it will take for each and every bird to fly to their location. The measured barometric strain confirmed that the great reed warbler occasionally flies at 3 950 metres, and the pink-backed shrike flies at 3 650 metres.

Each individuals flew the optimum earlier mentioned ground across the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara, but the shrike attained greater flight altitudes closer to its winter grounds in southern Africa.

Sissel Sjöberg thinks it is most likely that other compact birds fly as high, it’s possible even higher. But there is no proof of that however.

“In this research, we only labored with knowledge gathered for the duration of the autumn, when the smaller birds migrate to Africa. There are other scientific tests that point out that the birds fly even increased when they migrate again in the spring, but we cannot say for guaranteed.”

The small transmitter was formulated by specialists at the Centre for Animal Movement Study, CanMove, at Lund College. The examine printed in the Journal of Avian Biology is a collaboration among Lund College, the College of Copenhagen and the Nature Research Centre in Vilnius.

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Tiny birds fly at superior altitudes to Africa — ScienceDaily