#MeToo activist Asia Argento settled a sexual assault grievance a…


“To be frank I don’t believe that Asia Argento. I know her due to the fact she was extremely pretty young and if there is anyone able to defend herself and not shy about intercourse this is her.”
“But why would she have lied ?”
“For Asia, it was of course, let’s say, motivated by self-curiosity — it was a type of semi-prostitution. Harvey Weinstein is not the worst and he’s not the most stupid, both. Asia may well have been let down that she didn’t become a fantastic Hollywood actress she may possibly have been, but there have been lots of other items: prescription drugs, lots of other matters. She feels bitter. Since bitterness, also, can direct individuals to denounce if you required to acquire a little something and you did not obtain it, if you truly feel humiliated. “
French film director Catherine Breillat.

“Catherine Breillat is the most sadistic and downright evil director I have at any time labored with. She took intense satisfaction on humiliating both of those her actors and crew throughout the shoot of “Last Mistress”. I am equally sad and angered by these outdated university self proclaimed “feminists” and their lack of humanity in experience of other women’s suffering. The French kinds have proved to be the worst.”
Asia Argento, sexual offender.


#MeToo activist Asia Argento settled a sexual assault criticism a…