Meshuggah – Dancers To A Discordant System

Meshuggah – Dancers To A Discordant System

Taken from the album ObZen!

**Love this song & band**


Listen to the hidden tune
– the essence of lies in the notes defined
As we dance to the dissonant sway
– the choreography refined
Will subdued and shackled
Reason washed aside
Pledgeing our love to the chains
Our ignorance ever-amplified

Bloodened hands lead the waltz
We’re trapped in the out of tune swirl
Still we set the show on continue mode
And dance to a discordant system

We accept the nails we’re fed
– lies sharpened to bleed us silent
Muted from the pains
Defiance employed in vain
Any attempts to leave the dance,
Invisibly suppressed
Questions unasked, we learn the steps
– eyes shut like all the rest

Unsuspecting, willing, blind, controllable herd
Pawns in a convert game conducted by hands we trust
Dominated, compliant and deceptable
Confident that we matter – we don’t see that we’re but dust

Committed to a lie we cannot see, cannot know nor comprehend
We’re all asinine drones kept in the dark, kept in line

Confined, bereft of reason
Withering in toxicity
– the deadly fumes of deceit
And we all reek of complicity
Humbled, brought to our knees
By the weight of our own guilt
Our nescient ways the catalyst
To injustice and inhumanity

We dance – to appease
Compete in stupidity

Obscured faces file our points
– numbers fed to the machine
Still we stand in line for the next show
The human spine liquefied
What are we, but stupefied
Dancers to a discordant system

We believe – so we’re misled
We assume – so we’re played
We confide – so we’re deceived
We trust – so we’re betrayed

(Awesome lyrics!)

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