Meryl Streep ‘Big Small Lies’ Casting: Twitter Reactions


Meryl Streep

In spite of devouring — no, cherishing — both equally the guide and the Tv series, I was firmly towards a time 2 for Big Small Lies.

“It will really feel compelled,” I monologued to my mom, then afterwards to my close friends, none of whom were listening. “It was meant to provide as a full story. The ending resolved the mystery. Liane Moriarty has like eight other screen-deserving books to adapt — why not let a fantastic thing be?”

Of program, when HBO declared that Meryl Streep is signing up for the cast, my objections light into the wind. Streep will be playing Mary Louise Wright, the mom of Perry Wright and phase-mother of Nicole Kidman (okay, Celeste). It all just feels so Ideal.

Folks have some issues, and some thoughts, and virtually zero concerns.

2019 can not occur shortly ample.

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Meryl Streep ‘Big Tiny Lies’ Casting: Twitter Reactions