Male Chastity Life style – Four Phases of Chastity


Male chastity typically progresses via 4 distinct stages, with each stage getting its own upsides and downsides.

The top target for most partners – or at the very least, certainly for the gentleman at the outset – is to get to Stage 4 as rapidly as achievable.

But I cannot warning you sufficient to choose your time with this. If you check out to hurry, hurry or drive factors by means of, you’ll only end making it all go a lot more slowly and gradually in the extended run.

So below are the…

Four Levels of Male Chastity

Stage 1 – Fantasy

This stage is wherever a person of you has the fantasy, but you haven’t nonetheless communicated this to your partner. It can be ordinarily, but not usually the male who drives chastity, and adult men in this stage usually resort to dropping hints and leaving smaller clues in the hope your Beloved will get the information and answer properly.

I loathe to be the just one to explain to you this but… that just isn’t heading to happen. Your Beloved has probable never even listened to of male chastity enable alone harboured it as a top secret fantasy for numerous a long time as you most likely has.

The only way to get what you want is to have an adult conversation about it and to check with for it. Simpler reported than performed, I know, but everyday living is like that, I am scared.

Stage 2 – Discovery

In this stage you’ve got had The Conversation and your associate has agreed, at the very least in theory, to glimpse deeper into male chastity and orgasm denial as a thing to contain in your relationship. It really is typified by plenty or investigation and studying all-around the subject matter – ordinarily on line.

Warning do NOT just dump your associate on to the stupid blogs and community forums, because you are going to virtually unquestionably ship them into a panic.

It really is often at this point the place males thrust far way too challenging, expect as well substantially and finish up pushing their wives away from the strategy possibly that or they get the improper strategy about what you want from reading people weblogs and discussion boards and they’re afraid off.

Be affected person, comprehending and support him or her realize what it is you want.

Phase 3 – Exploration

At this point you’re lucky – your spouse has agreed to participate in and see how it is effective out.

As in advance of, please make absolutely sure you get your time. Never hurry issues and do not be in a hurry to presume this indicates everything’s settled and you’re likely to be locked 24/7 just as you’ve got constantly wanted to be.

Agreeing to try anything does not signify accepting it as a everlasting part of your life style.

Phase 4 – Way of life

This is the past phase and the just one so many males fantasise about. You happen to be locked in male chastity, encountering long-expression and really stringent orgasm denial… and your spouse is loving it and exhibiting definitely no inclination towards mercy.

Numerous women of all ages in this stage even get to the place in which they see cuckolding as a practical addition to the life style, whilst this just isn’t generally the situation, nor is it essentially desirable. But it can transpire… so be very careful what you wish for.


Obtaining as a result of these four stages of male chastity is a lot easier than you believe, supplied you choose your time, do your research and adhere to a couple of straightforward rules.


Supply by Sarah Jameson