Logitech Webcam Showdown C920 vs C922 vs Brio

Every streaming gamer needs a webcam but this so many on the market how do you choose which one to use as your camera of choice? In this video I compare the logitech c920, c922, and the new Brio 4k webcam. At some point in the video I’m recording with all three at the same time so you can see the difference first hand. All webcam footage was taken at 1080p. This means the c920 and the c922 were recording at 30fps while the Brio was able to record at 60fps. In addition to the video quality review,, I used the mic on each camera respectively. Over all I am super happy with the Brio and i especially love the wide field of view as compared to the others.

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C920: https://alexa.design/2nX0NBM
C922: https://alexa.design/2oth4lZ
Brio: https://alexa.design/2nX0TcC

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