Last efflorescence of “gymnastic” courtesan dance: Fan-maneuver Dance

NB this very same clip appears on youtube as – but that doesn’t seem to forfend license complaints.

There are (and remain) copyright issues with the project since it evidently began (before montage) as a meditation on that most ancient and venerable of all guqin (ancient zither) compositions, now known as “High Mountains and Flowing Water” (the shorthand for “shanshui” – water and mts – landscape painting). How such a “musical “program” piece at least 11 or 12 centuries old and played by every student of the qin over that same long span can be “copyrighted” is quite beyond me (if the biblical “Lord is My Shepherd” had a surviving musical setting of similar age, how could IT be copyrighted?),

A beautiful animation of the fan-twirl (shanwu) dance of the late dynastic era, showing the similarity of the pipa (Tang) and “fan”: Sung-Ming) as contrapuntal weights used to constantly offset and stretch the danceuse (male acrobatics never involved dance) into new, demanding postures. The clip shown here is an actual award-winning performance by the dancer Wang Yabin a few years back (2006+), elegantly poised over a late-dynastic style ink-brush landscape (shanshui hua). – 舞者画中来! (A connecting “Han” tradition derives from Han ca 1-2 cent AD) Daoism which introduced the Immortal” (xian) flying through the or up to the heavens as another ideal of dancing movement….

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NB, the dance was first publicly performed and taped in 2000 but began its career as the property of Ms Wang all during its evolution
《扇舞丹青》创作于 2000年
首演:邹亚童 修改稿首演演员:王亚彬