Large University Secretly Serves College students Kangaroo Meat For Lunch


Student carries a meal through the cafeteria


Recall the great outdated days of getting suspicious mystery food at the college cafeteria? It was a time of thrill, tasting the not known since your mother and father didn’t want to give you a handful of bucks to consume from the vending device. Nicely, at minimum you weren’t secretly served kangaroo meat. It’s formal, cafeteria foods just hit a new degree of weird.

College students had been unknowingly served kangaroo meat at a significant faculty in Nebraska’s Potter-Dix district on October 10. The university has 87 students grades 7 by way of 12. It is unidentified how many learners eaten the food that contained the kangaroo meat.

Undisclosed Meal Item

The head cook dinner, Kevin Frei, purchased the meat to combine into beef chili. According to a letter posted to Facebook on October 17, Frei included the meat since of its dietary value and because it is a lean meat. It was also observed that the meat was purchased from Sysco, the United States’ Amount 1 distributor of food stuff to school cafeterias. Meat is only suitable to be offered if it satisfies the USDA expectations, which this kangaroo meat fulfilled.

In an interview with Omaha Entire world-Herald, superintendent Mike Williams mentioned that Frei no extended will work for Potter-Dix Public Universities.

Reviews Of Ailment

Girl not feeling well


KSID radio gained various grievances from mom and dad soon after not currently being knowledgeable of the conclusion to provide kangaroo meat. 1 dad or mum, who chose to keep on being anonymous, said that her two teenage sons had turn out to be ill just after eating the lunch. One particular felt ill for in excess of two days. Superintendent Williams addressed this issue in the beforehand described put up but declined to remark on whether or not or not the student’s sickness stemmed from having the meat.

The dad or mum explained that they want to be informed what their children will be fed and emphasized that Potter-Dix is an remarkable university, but they never want to be blindsided.


Significant College Secretly Serves Students Kangaroo Meat For Lunch