Kesha’s Grammy Functionality Foreshadowed The Long term Exactly where Women of all ages Le…


My goodness!!

Did you see Kesha’s functionality at the Grammy’s??

I have in no way been a lover … but she just foreshadowed the world to arrive as powerful, excellent Women surrounded her although she angry-sang her song, “Praying.”

“Praying” is about her survivor knowledge with large-shot strike-song-maker Dr. Luke, whom she has loudly protested abused her – sexually, physically, verbally, emotionally – and who has responded by denying, dismissing, and counter suing her whilst refusing to permit her out of an exploitative agreement with him.

“I’m very pleased of who I am

No a lot more monsters, I can breathe yet again

And you claimed that I was done

Well, you had been erroneous and now the best is nonetheless to come”

Does not even subject who you believe that is responsible … this is the long term.

Women of all ages who won’t accept bullshit anymore, up front and center, standing jointly in their power, expressing their pain, commanding us all to hear.

A clever somebody near to me not long ago reported, “It is most likely gonna consider the more mature technology of effective white guys to fade away ahead of we really see alter in our nation.

I’d concur with that particular person, other than looking at Kesha’s stirring efficiency tonight, surrounded by so a lot of impressive girls, I believe alter is gonna arrive more rapidly.

As soon as the up coming election.

Trump has been a God-send out to obtaining ladies into politics. They are signing up in droves to operate for business office. I received a connect with not extensive back from a lady operating for the initial time who wished to get clever on veteran’s concerns.

“’Cause I can make it on my possess, oh

And I really do not want you, I identified a strength I have never identified

I’ll deliver thunder, I’ll carry rain, oh

When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name”

Transform is coming.

Our existing authorities is the previous gasp of the aged wealthy, white and male guard.

The Democrats are a disoriented joke. The Republicans are improved structured but they’ve grow to be the disgrace of our country – at least to every person who doesn’t watch Fox Information.

And a male can not get absent with f**king females around anymore in any business, not if he wishes a work or a existence.

Excellent point most girls can experience more than most of us gentlemen can. In any other case, they’d just transform about and oppress and exploit males the way we have carried out them for ages, for the reason that we as well typically just cannot (will not) feel the ache our actions induce.

If you are a guy and this upsets you, wake the f**k up.

It definitely has been a man’s world for good. If you did not get your truthful share of energy, it wasn’t a female who held you down.

“I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’

I hope your soul is changin’, changin’

I hope you uncover your peace

Falling on your knees, prayin’”

We adult men better learn how to embrace females in all their ponder and majesty – not just as equipment for our use and satisfaction.

Time’s they truly are a’changing!

It’s mainly gals who are gonna lead the way.

Kesha’s performance:


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Image/Fantastic Transformations by Melissa Drake


Kesha’s Grammy Efficiency Foreshadowed The Foreseeable future Wherever Girls Le…