“Jus wanna ball” Millz StayFly TCCH2 GFE

Millz StayFly “I Jus Wanna Ball” off the Tall Cans and a Champ Hoody 2 mixtape. Directed by Good Visuals. Mills StayFly an artist of Good Fella ENT. Please subscribe to channel! #SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW THE  MOVEMENT!
Good Fella ENT. Good Visuals – YouTube

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Good Fella Entertainment/studios is a New Jersey entertainment label stationed in Atlantic City. GFE is a big contender in the recording, production and distribution market within the south jersey are. GFE is in direct business with the actual Good Fella Family network, which is a network of entrepreneurs. The main artists consist of over five hip hop/R&B artists (Kurdollaz, GBorghini, Mr. Wal, Miss Cherry, and Millz StayFly) and a wide range prodution team that extends to other countries such as Germany. GFE is in collaboration with many other local groups and artists and is apart of the Round Table Network and No Hold Em Gutter Street Music Group. Good Fella ENT. has a unique and intuitive sound, Inspired by the hunger of poverty and the joy of success GFE brings a new and fresh style to urban music.