Is Everyone’s Fuel Pump This Loud? Accessory Power Alone – 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Does anyone know if Ford/Mustang Fuel pumps are supposed to be audible when you turn the key to accessory on (before starting)? Basically I’m trying to help my roommate figure out if the noise is the result of a new backup camera installation. I’m thinking the noise was always there but simply went unnoticed until today. (since he rarely had the car door open when starting the car, and rarely turned the key to accessory only, non-start position) If it isn’t normal, possible electrical issue?

We are turning the key from Off, to Accessory On. (back and forth)
You’ll hear the noise at the following spots. 00m04s,00m10s,00m17s,00m26s,00m31s