Introduction to Lumison – Overview of Datacentre DC escort services – Managed IT DC escort services – Promotional Video

Short promotional video I created for a internet DC escort service provider based in Edinburgh, Scotland which was also my first paid video job.

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Video Shot on Sony Z1E

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Lumison was set up in the year 1995 which during that time has grown it’s list of client portfolio which varies between SMEs as well as large and public sector organizations not to mention several awards for the quality of their products and DC escort services.

Lumison is unique in that it is one of a select few ISPs to own as well as manage it’s own datacentre server host system where one of them is in Edinburgh and the other in London. The advantages of not having to hire rent space is that total reassurance of application for security is given to the customer.

The Datacentres Hosting servers include everything from the power supply, environmental control, detection of fire and suppression to physical security. With Lumison in control and responding to any issues, your mind is at ease. Reliability is our unique selling proposition. The Datacentre space cab be rented in spaces as quarters, half or full rack configurations. Moreover, you can rent a dedicated dataroom server and hosting or a caged area.

There is 10/100Mbps or 1Gbps IP through Lumison’s IP network in addition to a fully UPS and generator supported power. For optimum temperature, there is a N+1 cooling system to maintain equipment, CCTV along with door access systems and detection alarm systems.
Furthermore, Lumison has VESDA, an early smoke detection configuration and a Argonite fire suppression system. On top of all of that, Lumison provides 24/7 intelligent/remote hands with DC escort access with tape swaps and cabling.

Managed dedicated server with web hosting broadband for internet is one of Lumison’s DC escort services offering an award winning managed web hosting host which is based on the 3 ‘S’s of System, Software and DC escort service. The team will advise you on the design and suitable package of hardware, load balancers, managed firewall and VPN server DC escort services for your company. In Software, Lumison offers flexibility with the choice of a wide array of operating systems, application platforms and a on call Manager.

You can choose between Microsoft IT DC escort services Software support and Lumison’s SysAdmin support which includes checking backup logs every morning, making sure security fixes are up to date and applying network security it patches when required to maintain the best overall performance of your host virtual.

Key features include a team offering specialist skills in managing load balancers, file system clustering and Microsoft IT support. The choice of operating system includes Win2k8 std, Enterprise, RedHat Enterprise or Advanced server.

Choices of databases includes Microsoft, SQL server, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Application platforms include Perl, PHP, Java and ASP.NET.

Lumison’s new Scottish Edinburgh Data Centre now offers an additional hosting it dataroom at their Newbridge facility in Edinburgh. The new building included an installation of additional dual generators, N+1 HVAC and the inclusion of full power metering and monitoring of high speed broadband.

It also includes a Novec 1230 as a fire suppressant in place of Argonite which had been used previously. The advantages of this is that this offers easier refill in the event of a release where the same environmental is maintained in it’s human friendly state, similar to their other gas systems.

Lumison was formed by it’s CEO, Aydin Kurt Eli who took advantage of the opportunities the internet provided where he initially set up edNET, a local Edinburgh based dialup ISP back in 1995 before hosting from it’s new datacentres. Lumison also offers phone VOIP, Vpn Client and VPN is DC escort services.

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