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Michigan and New York would get into a fight more than who gets Toronto and the full Ontario-Erie-Huron central isthmus. New York wins, Michigan only receives those people islands in Lake Huron as a consolation prize. No person cares about the relaxation of the yellow space. New York also annexes Ottawa and Montreal. New Hampshire’s wedge to the north receives a sharper suggestion, with Vermont seeking to go for Quebec but only acquiring the western suburbs, just as they only got the jap ones of Montreal. Maine is closer to Quebec, and annexes most of the japanese portion of the environmentally friendly location.

Idaho is the west coast’s Vermot, with Washington, Montana, and North Dakota obtaining most of the purple region. Minnesota can make a participate in for Winnipeg but loses out to Montana, and like Michigan only receives a participation trophy of that one particular yellow SE corner of Manitoba.

Alaska joins in on the entertaining and grabs Graham and Moresby island just for the hell of it.

The US has now annexed (likely somewhat above, thanks to the consolation prizes and the discrete nature of the electoral riders) 75% of Canada by population, minus casualties from the war(s). Canada is remaining with only 8.75 million persons (or less, due to war casualties, refugees and so forth) but is nevertheless around 3.5 million square miles (estimating 10% of area shed), dropping it from 2nd to 4th major region in the environment by land spot (while the US rises previous China & Canada to 2nd area, immediately after Russia) though slipping from 38th in population to 98th, amongst Austria and Switzerland. Canada was presently 230/241 of nations and dependencies by population density, but it has now fallen to 239/241, guiding these vibrantly populated international locations Mongolia and Western Sahara, and in advance of only the Falklands (astonishing! They you should not have a great deal of land to begin with, but seemingly they also have very handful of people) and Greenland (less astonishing).


Inhabitants distribution in Canada [OC] : dataisbeautiful