HOW TO: Turn Your Smartphone into a Security Camera | DIY IP WebCam

Ever wanted to keep an eye on your house or aquariums?

With a simple App and an old phone, you can use your new Iphone or Android device to stream live images over an internet connection. You can use this webcam to monitor your tanks or sumps and make sure that all is running well, compare this to the uses of the Apex Fusion Cameras or the Nest Cam and Drop Cam.

what you will need:
-streaming app
-old smartphone
-phone mount
-phone charger

1. Download and install the IP Webcam App from the Google Play App Store or the Manything App from the Apple App Store. Create an account to be used on both phones.

2. Set the old phone as CAMERA, this would be the phone that stays at home. Then, set the phone that you will be taking with you as VIEWER.

3. Using the phone mount of your choice, position your phone and connect the charger. All set, now begin streaming video straight from your old phone’s camera.

Screen shots of the app in action: