How to Resolve Home windows Server 2008 Boot Loader


If the boot loader to your Home windows Server 2008 equipment gets corrupted or deleted for whichever reason, it really is a painstaking process to get it fastened. The boot loader to my equipment obtained deleted someway whilst I was resizing partitions. Soon after scouring the internet, I could not obtain something on rebuilding the boot loader for Home windows Server 2008. All I could uncover were directions to restore a Windows Vista boot loader but luckily, the method for Server 2008 is similar.

Because of to the lack of restoration equipment on the Server 2008 installation CD, the boot loader need to be rebuilt manually.

For this guidebook, I’m going to believe your installation has a travel letter of C:.

Insert the Server 2008 installation CD into your DVD-ROM. Restart your personal computer and boot from the CD.

Pick to mend your computer system, then open the command prompt.

At the command prompt, use the adhering to instructions:


cd boot

bootsect /nt60 c: /drive /mbr

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Soon after utilizing the “bootrec /rebuldbcd” command, you will be prompted to take a Home windows installation. Take the set up, then wait around for the method to finish. At the time it really is carried out, reboot your comptuer and you should have a boot loader all set to go.

If you do not have a “boot” folder in the process C: drive, then duplicate the “boot” folder kind the Windows installation CD to the C: generate. Use the next command which assumes E: is your DVD-ROM

mkdir c:boot

duplicate e:boot* c:boot

Later on, just use the boot restore commands to rebuild the bootloader.


Source by Eric Nguyen