How to Read the Signs of a Bisexual Woman When You’re Around Her

She may be into you, but she also checks out women when you are together. Is she just observant or do you think she has the signs of a bisexual woman?

It doesn’t really matter if someone is bisexual, but I understand if you’re curious. So, that means you’re going to need to know the signs of a bisexual woman.

Naturally, when people think of bisexuality, they become a little confused. Wait, you like girls and boys? It seems that people have more of a problem accepting bisexuality than they do homosexuality. This has more to do with their own insecurities than with bisexuality.

Sexuality is such a fluid concept. We used to think that there can only be homosexuality or heterosexuality, but in reality, sexuality is on a loose scale. At the end of the day, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is a little gay which isn’t a bad thing! [Read: The list of sexualities and what you need to know about each of them]

How to know the signs of a bisexual woman

I remember going on a date with a guy who told me he was bisexual. I couldn’t date him. I was so insecure about him being attracted to both men and women. The fact that not only will he be checking out girls but also guys—I couldn’t handle it.

But through the years, I realized I simply lacked understanding and fell into my own insecurities. If you need to know, look at the signs of a bisexual woman. [Read: How many different kinds of romantic orientations are there?]

#1 You feel it. Listen, you can’t feel sexual orientation. But you can feel when someone is attracted to someone of the same sex. They way they laugh, touch, look. You can feel the attraction on her or both sides. If you feel the sexual energy between you, she’s attracted to you. It looks like you may even be attracted to her as well. [Read: Signs that indicate the sexual tension is mutual]

#2 She brings up her experiences often. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve been drunk and kissed someone of the same sex. For many people, they don’t feel the need to bring it up because it was just “one of those things.” However, if she’s constantly bringing up her same-sex experiences to you, she may be hinting to you about her own sexuality. [Read: The best of both worlds? How to date a bisexual woman]

#3 She’s touchy. Now, women in general, tend to be more physical with their female escort in Washington DC friends. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bisexual or lesbian. However, there is intimate touching. Touching you’d normally see between couples, such as caressing your neck, fixing your hair, holding your hand. These signs could be seen as sexual.

#4 She checks out women. We all tend to look at other people when we’re out, but there’s people watching and then there’s checking out. These two are completely different. But if she’s looking at women specifically and appreciating only physical features, this could be a strong sign. If you notice she’s talking about women in detail, she may want to be intimate with them. [Read: How to tell if you’re bicurious or interested in women]

#5 She’s had past female escort in Washington DC relationships. You may not be able to know this right away, but if she’s had past female escort in Washington DC relationships, but also dates men as well, then she’s most likely bisexual. Or if she’s only had flings with both men and women, it shows that gender isn’t really a big deal to her. [Read: What does sexually fluid mean in the dating world?]

#6 She’s one of the guys. Not all bisexual women are edging on a masculine vibe. Many bisexual women are feminine as well. It simply depends on her. However, you may feel that she’s like one of the guys when it comes to her behavior. She gets along well with men and most of her guy friends are males. When she’s around a group of guys, she just blends in.

#7 She identifies with the LGBTQ community. Many people who aren’t in the community support LGBTQ rights, but won’t necessarily invest time within the community. However, when the topic of LGBTQ is brought up, she’ll defend it strongly. She relates heavily with the community. It may be because she herself feels a part of it.

#8 She flirts with you. For the most part, heterosexual men and women flirt with the opposite gender. However, someone bisexual flirts with both men and women. Flirting consists of complimenting another person, touching them and building up the sexual tension. If she’s flirting with you, she may be either bisexual or lesbian. [Read: 15 secret signs of female escort in Washington DC bisexuality to recognize a bisexual girl]

#9 She laughs at all your jokes. Listen, regardless of your sexual orientation, if someone is attracted to you, you suddenly become the funniest person on earth to them. She laughs at all your jokes, whether horrible or not. She’s sexually attracted to you. And laughing is a way to bond with another human being.

#10 She remembers the small details. We all know about the huge events of another person. Those are things we can’t forget. Usually, we tend not to remember the small insignificant details of other people unless we’re into them. If she remembers small details from your past that you told her, it’s a sign that she’s highly attentive. Usually, that’s because she’s into you. [Read: The things you shouldn’t say to your bisexual partner]

#11 Spending alone time together. Maybe you hang out with a group of friends, but she’s been asking you to hang out with her alone, one-on-one. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s into you, but if you see other signs on this list as well, then it’s clear.

She wants to hang out with you one-on-one to get to know you better and see if there’s a connection between you. She may try to make a move on you or not. However, it’s important that you tell her how you feel.

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So, is the girl you’re into have the signs of a bisexual woman? If you’re still not sure and feel comfortable to ask, then ask her. But does being bisexual even matter?

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How to Read the Signs of a Bisexual Woman When You’re Around Her