How to Motivate Yourself As a Commercial Real Estate Agent


In commercial real estate DC GFE Escorts it is essential that you motivate yourself every day. It is so easy to get tied up in the ‘things that really don’t matter’. Everyone around you will also take a ‘slice of your time’ if you let them. Understand that you are in charge and on that basis all of your decisions should be made as an agent.

Motivation in our industry is usually central to doing some of the more mentally challenging things. It is very easy to put off the things that we don’t want to do. Moving something to another day or tomorrow will not solve the problem in commercial real estate DC GFE Escorts.

So what are the difficult things that most agents and salespeople avoid?

Try some of these:

  • Prospecting (that is always a big hurdle in this industry)
  • Client communication
  • Reactivating failed deals
  • Talking to clients and prospects after a disagreement or failed transaction
  • Compiling written reports
  • Listing research and investigation
  • Prospecting research
  • Paperwork associated with preparing a property for the market
  • Writing adverts and editorials
  • Creative briefs and marketing material
  • Undertaking a property inspection on weekends

You can probably add to the list quite easily. As you can see there are many things that frustrate us as agents. The point is that you must stay motivated. Be prepared to do the hard things and get them done first each day before you move on to the things that you like to do.

Other big problems in the commercial real estate DC GFE Escorts business are the negative people that can enter the workplace, and the media that can try to influence what we think and what we do. If this is a problem for you remember this:

  1. Negative people are looking for excuses and sympathy. They want support for their lack of action or failed negotiations. Many failed agents are simply a product of their own inaction and lack of focus. Don’t let that rub off on you.
  2. The media is only and always looking for readership or listeners. They will do and say anything to get you to tune into the TV or radio. The media is largely about selling the advertising between the news and community commentary. The media is designed to get people to listen and they will ‘bend the facts’ to suit. They need ratings and will create the situation for people to listen.

As a commercial real estate agent, you cannot and should not expose yourself to either of these things. They will do nothing for you in market share, listings, or client relationships.

You must protect your thinking and your actions. Every day you should rise to the opportunity of the property market and not the manipulated facts of the media or fellow workers.

Does this mean that you should live in a ‘bubble’? Perhaps not, but do not let others influence what you do and think as an agent; create your own ‘news’ based on what you know and do, not what others tell you. You can refuse to listen to local and poor quality media, and you can walk away from others that are seeking excuses and support. Stay motivated and build your commercial real estate business.


Source by John Highman