How To: Make Creative Live Webcam Compatiable With Windows Vista/7

In this video I show you how to make the Creative Live Webcam that has been discontinued in support since Windows XPx64 compatible with Vista/7 versions of Windows. Be aware I have not tested this one Vista, I only say this because they generally work hand-in-hand compatibility wise and such.

*Be aware this is the x64 aka 64-bit version of the driver, I have NOT tried this on a 32-bit system, in this case you can download the one directly below it labeled as:
“Creative WebCam Live! Driver Update version ” and try this otherwise Sorry you are out of luck, I cannot do much then.

Here is a step by step written tutorial for those who prefer to read and other things:

Step 1:

Make sure you have Windows Vista/7 in the x64 version aka 64-bit because the 32-bit has not been tested.

Step 2:
Plug in the camera into an active USB port.

Step 3:
Download the x64 version here:

Download the x32 untested bit version here:

Step 4:
After downloading the compressed folder, extract it and install the driver.

Step 5:
After the driver is installed, go to “Devices & Printers” in the Start Menu and right-click on the webcam.

Step 6:
Click the hardware tab, then properties, change settings (Must be Admin UAC), then click the Drivers tab and select update driver.

Step: 7
Click browse my computer and it should be something like C:WebcamWCamLive and then click Next then you should be done!