How Do I Get More than the Curse of Very hot-Ex Boyfriend?


I have been studying your website considering that my break up and it is been really practical in earning me notice that my ex was not ideal for me (he was the just one who remaining me even with me seeking to help save our relationship). So many other courting article content explain to me how to carry back even the coldest guy to the loving dude he was at the starting but I’m not shopping for into all that any longer. Exes are exes for a rationale and we are no longer in get hold of nor in excellent conditions.

Having said that, I imagine I’ve been strike with the curse of the incredibly hot ex-boyfriend. At moments, I panic wondering I would not uncover someone as hot with all the amazing traits of my ex (besides the a single excellent important – to not give up). Seems to be weren’t crucial to me ahead of I fulfilled him and now I do not like this edition of myself that is superficial. How do I get above the anxiety of not obtaining somebody I can be immensely captivated to and who is appropriate for me as perfectly?


You’re a maximizer, Divya. That’s ok.

I’m 1, much too, and I’m going to inform you how to maximize your happiness.

My system is largely sensible and rhetorical, but it obtained me fortunately married and I am confident it can do the identical for you.

Imagine of the most spectacular folks you have ever fulfilled.

I’m going to do the similar.

The smartest individual I have at any time achieved was nerdy and experienced terrific difficulties fitting in socially.

The most social individual I’ve ever met was tiring due to the fact she was always “on.”

The funniest person I have ever met was equally unsuccessful and immoral.

The kindest person I’ve at any time satisfied had nearly no feeling of humor.

Superior characteristics commonly come with bad features.

The wealthiest individual I have at any time satisfied lacked empathy and kindness.

This does not indicate, in any way, that ALL smart people are X and humorous people today are Y.

All it signifies is a little something that I first outlined in “Why He Disappeared.”

Fantastic attributes commonly arrive with terrible attributes.

The self-built millionaire is not dwelling to enjoy with the young ones at 5.

The amazing know-it-all doesn’t care as considerably about your impression as his own.

The charismatic heart-of-attention receives upset when you steal his spotlight.

I really don’t know what flaw your sizzling dude had – regularity, interaction, determination – all I know is that he remaining you.

He didn’t value you.

He did not benefit your romantic relationship.

He gave up on you when all you wished to do is make issues function.

So who presents a shit that he turned heads?

Who provides a shit that you will by no means day a hotter male?

Who presents a shit about your unfounded and irrational concern that you cannot do improved than a dude who produced you really feel like crap when you beloved him?

Guaranteed, appears to be matter.

Your guy is the just one who chooses you, about and around and around all over again.

But no person told you that you experienced to settle on a male you’re not captivated to.

All I’m telling you is that you really don’t have to be with the individual you are MOST captivated to.

I’m not. No person I know is, either. Sorry if that’s news to you, but perfectly, that is my occupation.

My hottest girlfriend was ridiculous (pretty much, 6 months of inpatient therapy right after we dated).

She was a 10 in appears. She spoiled me. She created me glimpse fantastic to other people.

I would be Miserable if I married her.

The truth that my spouse is “normal” desirable as a substitute of “model” desirable is not an insult to her, nor is it a weakness, nor is it a thing I battle with on a day to working day basis.

Anyone compromises in relationships. Everybody.

Until he’s smarter than Mark Zuckerberg, cuter than Channing Tatum, funnier than Louis CK, much more charismatic than Robert Downey Jr, and additional ambitious than Elon Musk, there will generally be more amazing males than your husband out there.

So what?

Your gentleman is the just one who chooses you, around and about and in excess of yet again.

Indeed, you have to be captivated to your husband, but he likely won’t be the hottest man you have at any time dated.

And that’s alright. For the reason that the most popular guy you have ever dated was a douchebag.

You really should try out not to neglect it.


How Do I Get About the Curse of Incredibly hot-Ex Boyfriend?