How Can I Recognize and Stay clear of Adult men Who Never Know What They Want?


My ex and I dated for 2 decades before we acquired engaged. When we satisfied, I was 30 and he was 42, neither a single of us had been married before. In most of his preceding associations, I did notice that they ended immediately after about 4-5 several years, he said it was because of to temperament differences, or that he wasn’t ready for marriage at that stage in time. He also admitted to owning cheated at the conclude of his final romantic relationship for the reason that he knew things were coming to an finish. Prior to our engagement, we reviewed concerns like finance, whether or not or not he wants little ones, how a lot of little ones, and so on. Fast ahead to now, he finished the marriage by saying we are just so unique, and how he made the decision he doesn’t want little ones after all (I have been looking at an OBGY professional). About 5 months main up to the divorce, I felt like he was turning into a unique man or woman – the tone he would use, the way he glances at me, throwing tantrum at very little issues, and so forth. In the conclude, he said that he believed he was Alright with the mother nature of our connection and expectations, right until he was not Okay with it (certainly, I know it sounds lame).

I get accountability for marrying the completely wrong man, and moving forward I want to avoid earning the similar blunder. What suggestions do you have for ladies to prevent men who do not actually know what they want in everyday living, however fake like they do? This was alarming to me mainly because I know other gentlemen who are like this also. They are buddies who are married or in a dedicated romantic relationship, but their attitudes are ambivalent. Just one even informed me he was unfaithful to his wife, since he does not know what he wants, but doesn’t want to divorce possibly. So, my major issue is – what form of warning symptoms should women pay back interest to? In my circumstance, I recall having a intestine sensation that he doesn’t regard me as much as I desired, and when we have significant arguments he would usually try out to undermine my position of perspective. In any case, hindsight is 20/20, so I’d really like to listen to your thoughts on this topic. Thank you!


Thanks for your issue, Janice. I sense deeply for you.

My wife’s initially partner was a person who, after 5 yrs of relationship, claimed to want to get married and be a father. But much less than one particular calendar year into relationship, he freaked out, explained he wasn’t completely ready for dedication, wasn’t guaranteed if he needed little ones, and cheated on her – twice. They have been divorced much less than two many years immediately after having married. His loss was my get.

Ironically, he finished up marrying the lady he cheated with – AND experienced young ones with her as perfectly. I only mention this due to the fact it illustrates an critical, if dispiriting concept: quite normally, people don’t know what they want, and really often, men and women change their minds.

Quite frequently, people today really don’t know what they want, and really frequently, folks modify their minds.

You just happen to date gentlemen, but as a coach for females, I cannot convey to you how a lot of periods I talked with a shopper who was not guaranteed if she wished to get married or just day for a though.

Consequently, confusion is not just for guys – it’s the human condition. Because solutions to own issues are not as black and white as mathematical equations, we lurch as a result of everyday living, perpetually vacillating between diverse points of watch, understanding that we’re inconsistent, but however not becoming able to nail down a one standpoint.

On a single hand, it can be deemed admirable when people are open to new data that would make their position of watch subject matter to expansion and alter.

On the other, if you’re the girl dating the guy who does not know what he would like, it can only be terribly infuriating. Now, you are on the lookout for a shortcut to steer clear of getting hurt. I get it.

Since there are no definite solutions, I can only try out to reverse engineer a response dependent on what you advised me in your quick e mail.

1. The appropriate male requires accountability for his mistakes and can specially pinpoint wherever/when/why points went improper in the previous. “Personality differences” and “not completely ready for marriage” could, in fact, be valid excuses, but I’d appreciate to listen to him go deeper.

2. Dishonest is under no circumstances an satisfactory reaction to a failing relationship.
All people has knowledgeable the slipping action of a romantic relationship that is coming apart. Most of us offer with different shades of sadness, anxiety, frustration and concern – obsessing about what’s wrong, partaking pals on what you should do, conversing with your lover about how to correct what ails you. But after you run into the embrace of an individual else’s arms, you have lost any pretense of being an honorable person.

3.  Finally, in response to “What sort of warning indications should really females spend interest to?” I can only reiterate a person of the five ought to-haves in each individual relationship (the some others staying kindness, motivation, interaction and consistency): CHARACTER.

The excellent news is that most of these character-dependent attributes are commonly evident in a very small interval of time (2-3 months) so you really don’t have to squander 2-3 Many years on the improper man in the potential.

How does just one measure character? Good question with a dissatisfying solution. My strategy might be imperfect and slow, but I really do not assume it is tough. A gentleman of character:

a.  Does what he suggests and suggests what he suggests. If there is a constant discrepancy involving his phrases and his actions, you’ll discover it just before your relationship. I would believe it would be really scarce for a congenital liar to be straightforward for the very first 2 many years you are collectively and out of the blue flip into a complete new male with a ring on his finger. With my wife’s ex, he experienced a heritage of remaining a fabulist – generating up or improving tales at functions – and also staying a Peter Pan who liked to go out five evenings a week and often forgot to shell out the electrical monthly bill. In retrospect, when he bought married, he was participating in developed-up just before he was completely ready to be a developed-up. Your dude had a background of bailing on associations. You just didn’t want his heritage to utilize to you.

b.  Cares about your contentment and is not material when your needs are not being achieved. That doesn’t indicate he’s perfect, intuits your every motivation, and by no means does anything at all selfish. It signifies that if you’ve got a problem, he’s got a trouble – and he wishes to be portion of the solution. That’s what it’s like when you are a crew.

c. Communicates his feelings and is open to the full expression of yours. If discussions make him awkward and he simply cannot explore significant subject areas with out obtaining overheated or shutting down, he could be a fantastic male, but he’ll be a terrible partner.

There’s more to character, of class, but which is a get started. The excellent information is that most of these character-based qualities are easily obvious in a quite limited time period of time (2-3 months) so you don’t have to waste 2-3 Years on the completely wrong man in the foreseeable future.

Warmest needs and substantially enjoy,



How Can I Identify and Avoid Adult males Who Do not Know What They Want?