HMB even though I problem this lady to a scull : holdmybeer


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“Hey guy, maintain my beer. Examine this out” the vintage text that stop in possibly awesomeness or harm.

Submitting rules:
I. Posts ought to involve an example of a “keep my beer” minute. If the man or woman in the video clip is a specialist, or the feat takes place in a managed ecosystem, it probably just isn’t a “keep my beer” minute. Failure just isn’t necessary, but the significant hazard of failure ought to be present.
II. No demise, severe injury or gore, or damage to animals. You will be banned. If it truly is NSFW make sure you tag it as such.
III. No reposts from /r/holdmybeer that are in the prime 100 posts or significantly less than 4 months outdated. You can examine for them below. Violators of rule 3 will receive a 3 day ban to sober up.
IV. No consuming heat beer. Beer will have to be chilled to at minimum 43°F ahead of getting consumed.
V. You should report back links and/or feedback that go versus these recommendations and concept the moderators a rationale. We will be keeping moderation at a bare minimum, so if the backlink or remark is just not documented, it could not get taken out.
VI. No memes, politics, low hard work posts, spam, agendas, or witch hunting. Will not be a dick. You will be banned.

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HMB whilst I obstacle this female to a scull : holdmybeer