GTA 5 LSPDFR Online – President DC escort Mod Game – Air Force One, Marine One, Motorcade Mission

Join all my Subscribers in our Doctorgta Youtube Commentary Gameplay of the LSPDFR Presidential DC escort Game Mission Online with Mods such as the Famous Air Force One President Plane, Marine One Helicopter, and Motorcade Vehicles including “The Beast”!

Creepox’s POV:
Special Thanks to All Who Joined in This Youtube Collaboration!

Vehicles Provided by SkylineGTRFreak:

Do you guys do this in GTA Online?
Yes, Infact we have done this since the beginning using game modes.

Do you ever get banned?
I have no idea. In fact we just go with it. Its your Risk but its 1%.

How can I join?! Will you be doing more of these?
Yes we do them usually weekly/monthly currently.
You can Sign up to be an official member here: for GTA 5 Patrol.

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: