Greenlee Wire and Cable Stripper 1903 – Handheld Wire and Cable Stripping Tool – YouTube

The Greenlee Wire and Cable Stripper from Discount Low Voltage is designed to make stripping cables easier, faster and safer than ever. The handheld tool works on most sizes of cables and quickly cuts and removes the jacket from the cable without damaging the delicate wires beneath. The tool includes several safety features and can accomplish a variety of cutting tasks with one simple movement. The Greenlee wire and cable stripper is designed to work with most jacket materials.

The Greenlee wire and cable stripper features a triple action stripping mechanism that incorporates a rotary cutter, a linear cutter, and a spiral cutter. Window stripping is accomplished by combining two rotary cuts with a spiral cut in between them. The triple action mechanism eliminates the need to score the cable and helps speed up the job. The blade height can be adjusted to precisely match insulation thickness and prevent damage to delicate wires. There’s even an interchangeable cable guide for use with small or large cable diameters so you’ll always have the right tool to get the job done.

Once the cable jacket is cut, a small hook on the cable guide can be used to start the jacket removal process which out the need for a screwdriver or pliers. This further helps prevent damage to the cable. A small storage space at the base of the tool contains a replacement blade, which is made of the same long-lasting high-carbon-steel as the original blade. The handle of the cutter has an ergonomic shape for comfort and the Greenlee 1903 Wire and Cable Stripper works with most types of jacket materials.

At Discount Low Voltage, we recommend the Greenlee 1903 to anyone that finds themselves stripping wires with any type of frequency. The easy-to-use cutter includes built-in safety features and is easier to use than snips, knives or pliers. With just a few quick movements, jacket material is safely and cleanly removed without damaging the wires below. Order yours now at Discount Low Voltage.