Genuine Tantra, Sexuality, and Sensuality


What is Authentic Tantra?

The term “tantra” will come from the Sanskrit word this means “weave”, or “continuity”. It is derived from historic Hindu and Buddhist texts, and has even developed into a New Age curiosity. There are numerous diverse kinds of tantra, and some are reliable and some are not. Tantra does not need adherence to any individual religious beliefs, dogma, or rituals and rejects all kinds of prejudice. Genuine tantra is a deep, refined, non secular apply in which attendents discover to use sensuality and breathing workout routines to come to be totally existing to reality, with an open heart, in buy to simultanously working experience a tremendously expanded point out of appreciate-primarily based consciousness. Tantric procedures are not performed in a quest for some potential gratification, but rather, the advantages of the practices are imbedded in the techniques themselves. Reliable tantra is not dependent on a hedonistic quest for worldly enjoyment. Its concepts train us to slow down and re-sensitize ourselves to increase awareness to subtle pleasures and vitality vibrations in common points.

Really like-primarily based consciousness is the skill to perception and target on the tiniest electricity vibrations around us. In order to do this we should sustain a unified body, intellect, and spirit, which usually means that we honor all three, devoid of exclusion of our senses, wishes, passions, thoughts, or sexuality. In this condition, we understand real contentment is not dependent upon the acquisition of prosperity, belongings, or energy, but a balanced integration of the entire body, head, and spirit.

When we harmony the human body and spirit, we are capable to dispassionately notice our (mindful) emotions, sensations, and views from a neutral viewpoint – a standpoint that enables us to see obviously without the need of starting to be listened up in or own perception of ego and personalized agenda. As we shut down the autopilot of our lives and give aim to our senses, the senses come to be greatly enhanced. It requires a great deal much less energy to practical experience heightened amounts of enjoyment, or some even call it ecstasy. The end result is liberation from concern, and self-question that is important for refreshing creativeness, true joy, and sharper intuition. When we are no for a longer time hooked up to self photographs and self ideas there is an working experience of liberating expansion of consciousness related to awakening energized from a long and incredibly restful sleep.

Tantra and Sexuality

However, pretty much all publicity to tantra by westerners derives from misrepresentations and misunderstandings of the apply via some perfectly-indicating so-named healers and some not so well meaning profiteers. Most generally they make uncomplicated income by proclaiming that tantra is constrained to sacred sexual intercourse and a neurotic quest to live out bodily passions. This hyperbolic emphasis on intercourse positions, prolonged orgasms, sexual healing, controlling ejaculation, and so forth. only preys upon the western puritanical aversion to sexuality, the unhealthy western fascination with sexual intercourse and every little thing sexy, or each and has quite small to do with reliable tantra. Sexual power play is a modest section of tantric practice, having said that, it retains no greater nor lesser significance in the tantric practices of say, smelling the essence of a fragrant flower or savoring a decadent chocolate.

It just so occurs that sex is in truth a sensory smorgasbord, and the most accessible inner vitality supply to most people. For this explanation, in some tantric paths simply because it is regarded the most strong electricity readily available and consequently the most immediate path to awakening to like-consciousness.

Tantra and Sensuality

Our senses are the way we perceive the planet around us, which includes energetic fields. Science and spirituality meet up with where quantum physics and string idea are now furnishing the ideas of oneness and universal connectedness, envisioned by the historical masters of tantra 1000’s of years back. Essentially, the study of the qualities of atomic and subatomic particles verifies that we all share a relationship with the better power field of the universe. The universe is an strength pressure matrix that consists of every little thing – us, animals, the planets and stars, and most importantly, God.

Energy is made up of very small vibrations of the atomic and subatomic particles, and all subject is differentiated by the velocity in which these particles shift. In genuine tantra, the phrase sensuality displays the observe of supplying complete recognition to all sensory stimuli, ie, input from sight, hearing, scent feeling / touch, style and intuition.

In conclusion, this is but a idea of the iceberg presentation of authentic tantra. It by no signifies covers all of what authentic tantra is about. When wanting for an genuine tantra workshop, information, or guide preserve an open up heart and intellect but be cautious of the pursuing:

  • Close ties to spiritual beliefs, dogmas, or other rigid concepts
  • Sensuality euphemized as genital gratification
  • Profits spiels promising generally sex daily life enhancements
  • Ovephphasis on sacred intercourse with underemphasis on the sacredness of the ordinary
  • Self-proclaimed gurus or sex therapists
  • Provides of tantric therapeutic massage, escorts in DC, or launch

Specific methodologies and exercises might vary within just the realm of authentic tantra, owing to its fluid and liberal software within just various cultures, as extended as the key suggestions are to increase mindfulness, consideration to the senses, and the head / human body / spirit stability as a way of daily life.


Resource by Lisa Branscomb