French Figure Skater Executes Costume Adjust Mid-Schedule




While spinning higher than the ice on razor-sharp blades may perhaps seem impressive more than enough to most Olympics viewers, French determine skater Maé-Bérénice Méité determined to perform a costume alter into her schedule as perfectly..

Méité competed in the cost-free skate software Thursday (February 22) skating to an stylish Chopin piece that changed midway to Pharrell’s “Happy.” With the adjust in music came a stunning switch in outfits. She swiftly adjusted her skirt to reveal a hidden sparkly area to better intensify the playful tune, and while she didn’t medal, she absolutely really should have for that Broadway stage crew execution on your own.

NBC was speedy to place out the outstanding instant, and viewers were being awe-struck (although the Olympics committee didn’t feel to give her any extra credit score for sheer innovation?)

If Méité’s identify looks common, it is probable simply because she designed headlines with her smooth Beyonce regimen previously this month.

Authentic-existence footage of all of us whenever  Méité takes the ice:

Grammy's Beyonce


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French Determine Skater Executes Costume Alter Mid-Regimen