Ford Lotus Twin Cam Engine & Oil Surge Avoidance


he vintage Ford Lotus twin cam motor was intended and crafted throughout the early 1960s, this hugely prosperous motor run an endless variety of autos to victory in lots of distinct types of motor sport all over the world.

The leading higher general performance engine tuners of the time had been swift to modify the twin cam motor to increase & make improvements to the overall performance of this absolutely free revving 4-cylinder motor.

Higher overall performance race engines are generally organized with no price spared, commonly, a dry sump lubrication system is installed to increase dependability & longevity, and to market long lasting overall performance.

The twin cam engine was employed to electrical power several autos, namely the Lotus Elan, Lotus Cortina, Ford DC escort, to name a couple of, these higher effectiveness vehicles had been swiftly snapped up by enthusiasts for spirited every single day driving, as well as for weekend motor sport gatherings. But regrettably, the phenomena known as twin cam oil surge immediately reared its ugly head when fans competed on race circuits in normal highway automobiles.

Significant oil surge can ruin an motor in a couple seconds when the oil pump is starved of oil!

Amongst the several published textbooks that offer with the rebuilding & restoration of the basic lotus élan and the twin cam motor, only a couple books give point out of the oil surge challenge linked with the twin cam motor, they also fall short to outline what the lotus operator can do to address the oil surge problem. Possibly the lotus twin cam owner is expected to acknowledge the oil surge challenge as becoming normal.

But that is a challenging thing to do when you look at the implications of severe engine bearing hurt that oil surge can guide to. If you want to race your élan, or just take portion in club stage sprint situations, then it would be a clever shift to do some thing about oil surge.

For only a couple of dollars truly worth of sheet steel, some mindful fabrication operate, and some very careful set up, the oil surge difficulty can be solved at the time and for all, the sump baffle modification get the job done is not tough to do, and if you have the techniques and mechanical ability to have out the function your self the fabrication expense will be exceptionally reduced.

A new “How To Guide” provides in depth recommendations about all facets of sump baffle fabrication it is a mixture of a number of sump baffle oil handle solutions and concepts which has been expanded & refined to element and instruct the household twin cam engine mechanic about how to construct a specialist anti oil surge sump baffle. With a little bit of nous, a extremely economical reduced value baffled oil pan/sump for the Ford-Lotus Twin Cam Engine can be produced.

This distinctive sump baffle design can also be applied to lots of other makes of inline 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

Commercially created baffled oil pans are obtainable for the twin cam, moreover several other engines, but the average fanatic may not want to devote $600-$800 US or much more to remedy the problem, and why would you when you devote significantly less than $20.00 to purchase some sheet metallic, which you can then fabricate into a good sump baffle style which is rather easy to integrate into the common twin cam sump pan.

The baffle layout illustrated in the guide has been fabricated & designed from suggestions gleaned by conversations with motor sport competition. This is fantastic information for the major Ford Lotus twin cam fans who will go on to manage, rebuild & run this all-time typical twin cam motor.


Supply by Colin Croucher