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Svenskfinland pretty much interprets to “Swedish Finland”. The “Swedish” doesn’t pertain to the constitutional monarchy of Sweden, it pertains to the ethnicity and language.

I have an understanding of perfectly well to what Svenskfinland translates to, thank you. I would have under no circumstances although it would pertain to the “constitutional monarchy of Sweden”, I was replying to u/RutilantBoss remark of “Swedish portion of Finland” to apparent up the simple fact that Swedish talking Finns are Finns whose mom tongue is Swedish. The ethnicity of Swedish speaking Finns, or their lifestyle, does not differ pretty much at all from Finnish speaking Finns. Also in the Helsinki space Svenskfinland is def not frequent, but u/lalli92 is from the Swedish speaking parts of Pohjanmaa (Österbotten) even though, so our cultural variations are rather major but not simply because of language. They’re not pleased there nevertheless, considering the fact that their hobbies incorporate issues like rabid religiosity, resisting western medicine and changing it with issues like silverwater and refusing to vaccinate their children. /s

It’s the exact same way a “Finland-Swede” does not have to have anything to do with the present-day country of Sweden. That is not what the “Swede” pertains to.

Finland-Swede? You suggest a Swedish speaking Finn? The entire Finnish modern society and culture (and certainly our names far too, which have been a subject matter in this thread) is incredibly considerably a merchandise of Sweden to a specific level. What we know as “Finland” can not be separated from its Swedish origins or impact, our “Swedishness” is not “Swedish” but Finnish. I know correctly effectively that the purpose we have Swedish as a 2nd nationwide language is not the recent country of Sweden or that one particular thinks your previous title is “Swedish” if it really is Johansson or that if your mothertongue is Swedish that you might be Swedish.

If u/AllanKempe annoys you, be sure to will not do the specific very same point than he does and commence describing issues about my country to me.


Finland is a condition of thoughts : europe