Federal and USPS Staff – Will OPM Approve Disability Retirement For Weight problems?


The issue of today&#39s write-up is irrespective of whether being overweight, or morbid weight problems, may well qualify you for FERS or CSRS Disability retirement by means of OPM. Obesity is a documented and diagnosable clinical problem.

In the planet of Federal Incapacity Retirement apps, having said that, OPM staff and MSPB Administrative Judges continue to cling to the prejudice that obesity is a option-based mostly predicament: that the Postal worker or Federal Worker who is morbidly overweight is at fault for their issue. For those factors, the OPM and MSPB seem to be to hold folks with weight problems or morbid being overweight to a increased common.

Professional medical medical practitioners and authorities in the industry of medication have discovered a quantity of medical ailments, as properly as actual physical variables and genetic influences which can induce an individual to be obese. Some of these incorporate: obesity, such as: pituitary gland tumors, pituitary gland condition, craniopharyngioma, pseudohypoparathyroidism, decreased metabolic rates, rader-Willi syndrome, Frohlich syndrome, underactive thyroid, as very well as sure forms of mind tumors, chromophobe adenoma, and numerous lots of extra.

In spite of developments in professional medical science, which display that obesity is not induced only by feeding on also a great deal, the Administrative Judges of the MSPB cling to their archaic authorized investigation in incapacity retirement gains filed by Federal personnel or Postal Staff who are obese.

Below&#39s how it performs. The MSPB Administrative Decide will start from a faulty prejudice: the federal staff or postal worker who has been diagnosed as overweight merely eats much too a great deal or has made a private preference to develop into obese.

The MSPB Administrative Judge will adhere to the faulty prejudice to its sensible conclusion: the Federal staff or postal worker will be demanded to establish that either: a) took advantage of health care strategies for work out and bodyweight reduction programs and the tips did not work, or b) that health care solutions for training and body weight reduction had been not medically a good idea. This is the lawful equivalent of the MSPB requiring diabetics to establish that they took aspect in a sugar reduction program, and it did not choose.

For the overweight, or morbidly overweight, OPM and MSPB Administrative Judges hold that disabling being overweight “… flowed not from the illness or injury itself, as essential by statute, but from voluntary failure or refusal to acquire readily available corrective or ameliorative action. ”

A person memorable determination hinted that serious actions, such as “modified fasting” or “bypass surgical procedure” may possibly be too drastic to count on a incapacity retirement relevant to bear. The Administrative Choose did not say “would” be way too drastic – it just “could possibly” be much too drastic.

There are two techniques that a Federal worker or Postal employee who is overweight and who is in search of rewards from OPM for disability retirement to technique this judicial and / or institutional prejudice versus the overweight or morbidly overweight.

The initial, and I imagine the ideal, is to eliminate any likelihood that both the Business of Personnel Management or the Merit Methods Protection Board can get to the defective summary. Speak to your dealing with health practitioner, and have him or her incorporate a letter in the federal-employees/how-to-prove-eligibility-for-fers-disability-retirement-before-the-mspb>Federal Incapacity Retirement software for any 1 or a lot more of the next:

1) Pounds reduction programs and fasting and exercising ended up medically advised but not productive despite the affected person&#39s very best attempts
2) Pounds reduction applications and fasting and work out ended up not medically recommended and ended up not component of the professional medical treatment method program for the individual
3) Pounds reduction plans and fasting and workout would have basically harmed the affected person.

Any a single or a lot more of these statements from your treating medical professional should continue to keep OPM or the MSPB from making use of the Institutional Prejudice towards the Overweight.

The second way, and this is for the warriors out there that like very long litigation and protracted authorized battles that acquire several years to resolve. Obstacle the OPM and MSPB institutional prejudice. Employ the service of an attorney that is familiar with about the prejudice, is in it for the lengthy haul, and see if you can overturn the MSPB precedent (or at least, get a conclusion that would make it distinct that the overweight do not have an affirmative duty to demonstrate the MSPB and OPM that they followed bodyweight reduction treatment strategies ahead of entitling them to disability benefits. Conditions in the MSPB shift incredibly immediately, the law moves really slowly, and it will just take a extensive and obtained exertion to problem the MSPB&#39s institutional prejudice versus the obese or morbidly overweight.

Even though other Federal worker and USPS employees can be denied incapacity retirement if there is a record that they unsuccessful to adhere to their professional medical treatment method plans, the obese (and some people today with psychological overall health circumstances) are the only types that properly have to convince the Administrative Decide that their weight problems is not a particular preference, or one thing that can be fastened by jumping jacks and fasting.


Source by Christopher Attig