FALLOUT 4: Piper COMPANION Guide! (Everything You Need To Know About Piper Wright)

Hey guys, today I’m sharing my companion guide for Piper, the Commonwealth journalist who is quite literally obsessed with the news. In this video we’ll discuss how to get Piper, what her SPECIAL stats are, how to max out her affinity, and the effectiveness of her companion perk. But before we begin, let’s talk about Piper’s background. She drew up in a smaller settlement outside of the Commonwealth with her father, who was a member of the local militia, and younger sister, Nat. One day her dad was found dead after he discovered that the Captain of the settlement allowed raiders to sack the place in exchange for some of the loot. Piper decided to expose the truth by making wanted papers and distributing them throughout the settlement, which caused the people to throw out the Captain that murdered her father. Piper and Nat moved to Diamond City where she started the Publick Occurances newspaper, focusing on investigative journalism. People grew to dislike her methods as she received death threats and assassination attempts. The player finds Piper after she is thrown out of Diamond City for criticizing the mayor. Enjoy!

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