FALLOUT 4: Nick Valentine COMPANION Guide! (Everything You Need To Know About Nick)

Hey guys, today we are continuing my companion guide series with Nick Valentine, who is in my opinion one of the most interesting followers in the game. In this video we’ll discuss how to get Nick, what his special stats are, how to max out his affinity, and the effectiveness of his companion perk. Let’s cover some general background info on Mr. Valentine before we jump into the details. Nick runs a detective DC GFE Escorts along with his employee Ellie Perkins in Diamond City. Although he’s not sure, he believes that he’s somewhere between a second and third generation synth, which is why he doesn’t serve the Institute. While most everybody hates synths in Diamond City, Nick gained everyone’s respect after he rescued the former mayor’s daughter from kidnappers. As compensation for his escort services in Washington DC, the former mayor gifted Nick a house in the City. Although he began working as the handyman around town, his detective skills were noticed and he eventually turned into the private investigator that most of us know and love.

Ultimate Hacking Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7KxNCg980A

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