Fallout 4 | Help Finding a Lost Companion – Part 2 (Dogmeat, Piper, Nick, Curie & More!!)

Fallout 4 – How to find a missing/lost companion including Dogmeat, Piper, Nick, Curie and many more!
Companion Codes for PC Fallout 4 – How to find Dogmeat

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The format below is Name, Race, Perk, Location, Base ID
Cait: Human, Trigger Rush, Combat Zone, ID: 00079305

Codsworth: Mister Handy (Robot), Robot Sympathy, Sanctuary Hills, ID: 0001ca7d
Curie: Miss Nanny/Synth, Combat Medic, Vault81, 00102249
Paladin Danse: Human, Know Your Enemy, Cambridge Police Station, ID: 0005de4d
Deacon: Human, Cloak & Dagger, Old North Church, 00050976
Dogmeat: Dog, Attack Dog, Red Rocket Truck Stop, ID: 0001d162
John Hancock: Ghoul, Isodoped, Goodneighbor, ID: 00022615
Robert MacCready: Human, Killshot, Goodneighbor, ID: 0002a8a7
Nick Valentine: Synth, Close to Metal, Valut 114, ID: 00002f25
Piper: Human, Gift of Gab, Diamond City, ID: 0002f1f
Preston Garvey: Human, United We Stand, Concord, ID: 0001a4d7
Strong: Super Mutant, Berserk, Trinity Tower, ID: 0003f2bb
X6-88: Synth, Shield Harmonics, The Institute, 000e210a

Dogmeat: 0001d162

Open up the Console by typing Tilde (~) or (@) for non US keyboards. Type ‘prid 0001d162’ Hit Return/Enter Type ‘moveto player’ Hit Return/Enter Hit Tilde (~) again to close the console Dogmeat will spawn and be next to you!

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