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Experts from The Australian Nationwide University (ANU) and abroad have discovered the oldest colours in the geological record, 1.1 billion-yr-aged vivid pink pigments extracted from rocks deep beneath the Sahara desert in Africa.

Dr Nur Gueneli from ANU explained the pigments taken from maritime black shales of the Taoudeni Basin in Mauritania, West Africa, were being more than 50 percent a billion many years more mature than preceding pigment discoveries. Dr Gueneli found out the molecules as section of her PhD scientific tests.

“The shiny pink pigments are the molecular fossils of chlorophyll that had been generated by historic photosynthetic organisms inhabiting an ancient ocean that has very long due to the fact vanished,” reported Dr Gueneli from the ANU Study College of Earth Sciences.

The fossils vary from blood purple to deep purple in their concentrated variety, and dazzling pink when diluted.

ANU led the investigation with help from Geoscience Australia and scientists in the United States and Japan.

The researchers crushed the billion-yr-aged rocks to powder, ahead of extracting and analysing molecules of historical organisms from them.

“The specific examination of the historical pigments confirmed that small cyanobacteria dominated the base of the food items chain in the oceans a billion a long time ago, which helps to clarify why animals did not exist at the time,” Dr Gueneli said.

Senior guide researcher Affiliate Professor Jochen Brocks from ANU claimed that the emergence of big, energetic organisms was possible to have been restrained by a restricted offer of greater foods particles, this kind of as algae.

“Algae, though even now microscopic, are a thousand occasions greater in quantity than cyanobacteria, and are a substantially richer food stuff supply,” mentioned Dr Brocks from the ANU Investigation College of Earth Sciences.

“The cyanobacterial oceans started out to vanish about 650 million years in the past, when algae started to promptly distribute to deliver the burst of energy needed for the evolution of sophisticated ecosystems, exactly where large animals, including human beings, could thrive on Earth.”

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Scientists find the world’s oldest colours — ScienceDaily