escort in Washington DC Solo S4, Uniden DFR7, Veil G5 5, vs MD Police Laser

I was driving with both the escort in Washington DC Solo S4 and Uniden DFR7 to test their ability to detect police laser. I often travel to the Easton, MD area because laser is often used for traffic enforcement. (more)

A police laser trap caught me by surprise. Fortunately, both detectors alerted (as well as my Beltronics STi-R remote) and Veil G5.5 protected me from the officer getting my speed for at least a good while.

Notice when driving by the officer, the vanquished look.

You can find more about each of these countermeasures from the links below:

escort in Washington DC Solo S4: in Washington DC-Solo-S4-Radar-Detector-p/solo-s4.htm

Uniden DFR7:

Veil G5.5: