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SAP B1 has around 200 installations in Brazil at this time and the amount of new buyers is escalating. In this write-up we would like to advise SAP BO as ERP procedure for multinational company with subsidiary in Brazil. There are selected sturdy points about SAP B1 and specific spots for future enhancement, but you as a supervisor really should realize these pluses and minuses to make a range choice

o Internationalization. It incorporates multicurrency, various languages assistance, availability throughout Latin America, in United states of america, Europe, Asia, etc. If your company is current on all or the the vast majority of these marketplaces, you can take into consideration spoke (SAP BO in regional nation) – and – Hub (MySAP in Headquarters) product, which is moderately effortless controllable from your Headquarters, plus it avoids one particular-seller-dependency syndrome in overseas area

o Localization. In significant international locations, this kind of as Brazil federal, state and municipal regulation commonly differs from American, European requirements and demands to be specifically resolved – this additional performance is typically referred as localization. SAP B1 is formally “localized” for Brazil

o SAP Brand name. Yet again – this is when you want to stick to brand name name MRP service provider, and it really should be respected. At the exact time, when you adhere to such supplier as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics – you probably anticipate much better top quality, assistance and longevity for your ERP

Space for upcoming advancement:

o Localization. If you imagine about ERP heritage in Brazil – you ought to likely settle for the actuality, that if these types of domestically intended ERP as Microsiga begun to tackle Brazilian needs from the first working day of going to the MRP marketplace, then “localization” from Microsiga is a little bit far more highly developed, it is addressing Brazilian Payroll, for case in point, and other functions

o State and Municipal legislation. To put into practice all these taxation, reporting functionality is a make any difference of time, so you really should be individual and respect SAP attempts to localize these prerequisites just one-by-just one as time permits. Meanwhile you really should put together expected filing documents in Excel, centered on SAP B1 reporting which is the base for your analysis and calculations

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Source by Andrew Karasev