Elevating Your Legs Soon after Intercourse When You are Making an attempt to Conceive – Do…


It’s common information to tell a females who is attempting to conceive or to get pregnant to keep her legs to her chest or to elevate her legs and hips just after sexual intercourse for about 20 minutes.  The rationale for this advice is that it’s assumed that the elevation of your legs raises the angle that will pressure the sperm toward your cervix / reproductive tract and will allow for a lot less really hard performing and viable sperm to escape. 

The other day, another person questioned me if this exercise would maximize the odds of conceiving a female or boy little one.  Especially, she preferred to know “if I want to get pregnant with a female, would elevating my legs following intercourse assistance my odds or hurt them?”  I will convey to you what I explained to her in the next article.

Does Elevating Your Legs Soon after Sexual intercourse Really Do Nearly anything To Help You Get Expecting?:  The jury is however out on this a single.  I suppose if your associate experienced a lower sperm count or his sperm were being compromised in some way, then it isn’t going to hurt to use just about every advantage or to try out every thing that you can.  The total of semen in a man’s ejaculation varies because of lots of diverse elements, which includes how substantially time has handed considering that the last ejaculation and the age or your husband or wife. 

Greater amounts are found right after extended periods of abstinence.  In common nevertheless, most men will emit between 1.5 and 5 milliliters. Typically ejaculate would comprise 60 -80 million sperm chromosomes per milliliter.  So if your partner (assuming he is healthy) were about common and emitted 2 milliliters, you’d have all over 120 -160 million sperm battling to get to your egg.  This is clearly an astronomical amount so except you just experienced terrible aim, elevating your legs may possibly be in excess of eliminate, but as I mentioned, it really is an straightforward, free, and noninvasive observe, so it surely doesn’t harm to check out.

So Does Elevating Your Legs / Hips Increase The Odds Getting Having A Girl Or Boy Toddler?:  Again, you will find not a lot of documentation about this, but listed here is what I feel based mostly on what I know to be real about this subject.   Traditional knowledge and research tells us to use shallow penetration if we want to conceive a daughter and deep penetration if we want a son. 

The rationale for this is that the Y sperm chromosomes (boy producing) are less feasible and are shorter lived.  By using deeper penetration, you might be supplying them an simpler street and a shorter excursion.  I would believe that elevating your legs falls into this very same category.  And I would also think that the really solid lady sperm could endure and make their way toward your egg just fine with out your needing to elevate your legs.

The bottom line for me would be if you want to conceive a female, you really never will need to do this until you are getting some fertility issues.  But, this follow would not hurt if you wished a boy.

Having said that, I firmly imagine that this exercise alone would not be adequate to get you the gender that you want.  You would also have to have to time your conception to the letter (dependent on when you ovulate and which gender you want) and you would want to make your overall body / vaginal canal extra alkaline for a boy conception and more acidic for a female a person.


Resource by Sandy Dean