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whole·some meme ˈhōl-səm mēm (n.):

  • a meme that promotes health and fitness or well-being of overall body, head, and/or soul
  • a meme that is pure of heart, devoid of corruption or malice, modest, stable, virtuous, and all-all around sweet and compassionate
  • a meme that conveys guidance, positivity, compassion, understanding, adore, passion, and genuine friendship by re-contextualizing traditional meme formats, and applying them to exhibit warmth and empathy
  • a meme with no snark or sarcasm that shows genuine human emotion and subverts a typically destructive meme to be extra favourable

definition of a meme / memetics

  • a way of describing cultural info being shared.
  • an factor of a culture or procedure of conduct that could be thought of to be passed from 1 unique to a further by nongenetic indicates, primarily imitation.
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