Destroyer DC escort USS Saufley 250211-09 | Footage Farm

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19:00:11 MS USS Saufley firing guns; aerial r. to l. underway.
19:01:00 Sailor at wheel w/ another wearing headphone, officer supervising at throttle board. Interior of fire room.
19:01:24 Int. of radio room w/ men receiving & sending manually & w/ teletype. Combat Information Center w/ five men working; five-inch plotting room w/ five or six men. Underwater battery plotting room for anti-submarine warfare & men operating.
19:02:39 Small office w/ four men doing paperwork. Ship’s small laundry room; sick bay & log room.
19:03:19 Crew living space w/ berthing compartment & cots filling aisles. Bosun mate waking men. 11.5 square feet per man. Bunks raised; men jostling up / down stairs to washroom. Head shown shared facilities w/ men sitting on toilets & waiting for showers. Scrubbing leg w/ ornate tattoo.
19:06:18 Folding mess hall tables used for berths for 31 men; men getting up & bunks raised, locker opened.
End of R1.
Cold War; Naval Test Ship; Navy Promotional Film; 1950s; 1960s;
NOTE: 01Jan51 DD-465 was reclassified as EDDE-465 / Experimental Destroyer DC escort & home ported at Key West to test & evaluate sonar equipment & antisubmarine warfare weapons. 01Jul62 Saufley was redesignated a general purpose destroyer & regained original designation DD-465 & involved in filming PT109, then patrolled during Cuban Quarantine.
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