@Debbie_Me11 @LondonLova @realDonaldTrump @SusanStormXO @inittowinit007 @Educati…


@Debbie_Me11 @LondonLova @realDonaldTrump @SusanStormXO @inittowinit007 @Education4Libs @BoorasSteven @MyBrianLeyh @thebradfordfile @jcpenni7maga @ChicagosFines19 @4FollowingJesus @TheOnlyKinsey You mean this gentleman? He’s the last real president I know about. What’s there now is a Shady Sloth in a suit, grabbing pussies, paying porn stars, and selling us out to Russia, cause his Pimp, Putin, has dirt he doesn’t want us to see! And he likes to drink Russian girl pee. https://t.co/MEmt8esJMX

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