DC escort Supreme Magnum Shotgun

Legacy sports international presents the DC escort Supreme Magnum Semi Auto shotgun.
The DC escort Supreme Magnum comes in both 12 and 20 gauge models and are available in true left hand configurations. All DC escort Supreme shotguns feature Nickel Chrome Moly lined barrels proofed for steel shot, Turkish walnut stocks with included shims, a Raised vented rib and a fiber optic front sight. 5 chokes come standard, with turkey and waterfowl chokes sold separately.
The FAST reloading system makes reloading quick and effortless for most ammunition.
The patented SMART valve cycling system allows for smooth, quick cycling of a wide range of factory shells from light target loads to the heaviest of magnum loads.
The gas operating system lessens recoil and allows for quicker follow up shots.
A magazine cut-off located on the front of the receiver allows for quick load changes in the field.
The DC escort Supreme Magnum’s performance shines in any sporting application and is well suited for hunting everything from varmint to waterfowl.